Our lives are divided into multiple parts like starting school, joining college and starting a new job. All these happenings are the beginnings of a new phase. A phase in which we grow and learn. These learnings help us to be the person that we are. When starting college, it is not just about what college teaches us but also about what life teaches us. For many people, it is their first time living away from home. Moving away from home and starting to live on your own can be a drastic change. You have to start taking up sole responsibilities for things that were previously shared in the household. You also need to take care of the space you are living in and all the other responsibilities that come with adulthood. To ease you into Adult-hood you need a luxurious residence that will provide you with all the comforts of your home. The Arc Winnipeg aims to do just that. Here is how they provide unparalleled housing to students. 

Luxurious Rooms

Every student has different space needs. There are different types of rooms that you choose from. The Arc offers a premium single bedroom, double bedroom, two-bedroom and four-bedroom configurations. Each room has a ceiling to the floor glass window. The rooms have modern interiors. Each room either has a Kitchen or a Kitchenette. This will enable you to cook your favourite meal anytime. Apart from that, the rooms are equipped with high-speed WiFi and Smart Tv. You can stream your favourite content from the comfort of your room and don’t have to watch anything on your laptop. 

Easy Access to Best businesses

A student’s life is quite hectic. There have been times when many students have either forgotten to eat or forgotten to buy groceries, till it’s too late to go out. The Arc has multiple commercial businesses on the ground floor of the building. There is also a Real Canadian Superstore located behind the building. With all the amenities available downstairs, you can be less stressed about the same.

Closer to college

The ideal-ness of the student housing is determined by its distance to the college. It shouldn’t be too far off. The residence should be located in such a place that it is easy for students to get to college in a short time. The Arc is situated right opposite the entrance of the University of Manitoba. You don’t have to worry about the long bus ride to college. All you have to do is simply cross the road. This will definitely help to make a student’s life easier.

On-Site Assistance

One of the biggest fears a student has is managing those things the adults at home used to take care of. Things like electricity and water-related issues. There are community assistants on site who will help you with anything about your residence. Suppose, there is some issue with the lock of your room, the community assistants will help you with the same.

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